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The Roots of an Identity

Its history can be related in its churches and monuments where all the cultures brought here by the major Strada Regina (Queen's Road) merge; this road has always been a precious link between the South of Italy via Milan-Como and Central-northern Europe

. Its history begins with the first roman settlers who overcome a former Ligurian-Celtic organization 10.42 11.05 of which we find evidence in the pagan sacral area later overridden by christianity as recorded in a VI century inscription kept in the nearby church of St.Vincenzo.

When a baptismal parish was built, it then became a rural centre of a federative nature taking part in the ten-year war between Como and Milan (1118-1127), siding firstly with one army and then the other.

Then in 1522 Gravedona assumed the denomination of "Signoria o Feudo delle Tre Pievi" with the Duke Gian Giacomo De' Medici alias il Medeghino.

Later in 1580, it passed onto the eminent prelate Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio who bought the estate and title of Count from Philip II of Spain. Between the end of XVI and the beginning of the XX centuries, we register both from Gravedona and from surrounding villages a period of emigration of specialized workmanship in trades which needed the entrepreneurial abilities which are still today admired both in Italy and abroad.

“…Andando verso il ‘ramo di Colico ’vidi aprirsi d’un tratto il cielo in alto sull’ora del tramonto incipiente, e apparir sulla prima neve del Monte di San Primo il crepuscolo del sole opposto e nascosto, roseo e azzurro. Durò brevi istanti, e l’ammirazione della vista fu raddoppiata dalla sparizione scura e sollecita. Ma non può dir di aver visto il lago chi non conosce Gravedona”.

(Da “Italia per Terra e per Mare”, in Autunno Lariano di Riccardo Bachelli)

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Antique clues

The oldest clues to life in the region go as far back as to prehistoric times: these concern the so-called dome-formed blocks found in the parish of Sorico as in other areas of the lake region pertaining to the neolithic era. These are small cup-shap ...

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Roman Era - Christianity

The Alto Lario regions, thus the territory of Gravedona must have taken part in conflicts between the rulers of Como and the barbaric and rebellious population of the Alps. These conflicts gradually led to the spread of the Roman occupation further n ...

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French Domination - The District of Milan

Traces of subsequent French rule (dated circa 550) are found in records which claim estates in the area of the Monastry of Fulda in the Franconian realm, and of the Monastry of Reichnau on the Lake of Constance.
Still today there are reminders o ...

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The ten-year war - The Communes

Thus we reach the beginning of the XII century when Gravedona had by then become a centre of noteworthy importance; it took part in the ten-year war between Como and Milan (1118-1127), and then in the Constance peace deal which led to the end of conf ...

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The Viscounts - From Swiss to Spanish domination

The XIV century is characterized by a diffuse well-being which materializes in the passing of all the Como territory, Gravedona included, under the rule of The Viscounts. The accession to dukedom of Francesco Sforza in the mid 1400s puts an end to al ...

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Wars and Catastrophes

Wars and other calamities hit the Tre Pievi area during the XVII century: the invasion of the Lanzichenecchi from the duchy of Mantova, the plague in 1630 causing the death of 630 people just in Gravedona. No other event is worthy of notice during th ...

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